In Memory Of Monty – Our Beloved Cocker Spaniel


Its nearly a year since our sweet boy died. Monty, Monty-Moo, Lord Montague, Honey Bear was only seven years old, far too young and what a wonderful, loving, dopey, dog.

We bought Monty home when he was three years old, in fact we ‘rescued’ him from a breeder that showed cockers and bred them. He was handsome, a Blue Roan with the most beautiful, melting black eyes and a sweet disposition. He had an illustrious family tree with plenty of champions behind him….but unfortunately and unbeknownst to us, he was simple. When we arrived home with him, he didn’t know how to use the stairs, he couldn’t jump up on the settee for a snuggle, we had to lift him, he didn’t like to walk much either. But he was ours and we loved him. I think they gave him away (that’s a joke, it cost us well over £700 at the time to ‘rescue’ him) because he was unfit for breeding purposes. As soon as we got him home, within a week he developed severe problems with his ears and eyes…but he was our pet, our boy and he was simply divine.

He became ill and died during the night last summer and just crawled under my clothes in the changing room to quietly fade away…..still hard now to think about it and there are tears but we remember him with love and affection. Sleep well my beloved Monty, I’ll always love you xxx



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