On Ageing Parents & Lessons To Be Learned

I have two ageing parents, my Dad is 81 and my Mum 79 and thank God they are both healthy and active. I put it down to a positive frame of mind, they are both still so full of life, they have a spark that is not yet ready to go out.

Dad takes out the old farts from the U3A on historical walks around London (he used to be a London Guide when I was a very little girl). He gamely totters along to the station, gets on the train and with two hip operations and rather knackered knees is an activity to be admired, and he gets a round of applause after every walk from his doting admirers. His humour, personality, knowledge and a determined attitude of mind have kept him going. My Mum, whilst also very full of life and as stubborn as hell is more of a stay at home person but she is slim, makes an effort to look good (and she does), walks everywhere and is fit for her age.

All of the above is amazing considering they were both kids bought up under the shadow of WWII, war propaganda and the distinct possibility of imminent German invasion. Their early lives were spent either away from their parents, having been evacuated (in my Dad’s case this was no loss as his father had already run off and his Mother was nothing to write home about in the parenting stakes) or in my Mum’s case living in the wilds of Northolt whilst her Father (always a very nervous, negative although loving man) was busy helping build war planes for the war effort.

They could have aged badly….so many of my friend’s parents of the same age group continually moan and are convinced they have every vile disease known to man or that their fragile bodies are just about to be invaded by the BIG C. Their sheer negativity and sourness towards life exhausts their ageing children.  Whilst for me, I am lucky enough to have parents with a positive mental attitude. It is indeed a lesson to be learned – I am a positive person and will continue to be one as I enter into my 52nd year, taking an interest in life and learning and soaking up everything wonderful as I go. Here’s to a long life with health, laughter and surrounded by loved ones!


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