Clever Things To Do With Candles – THROW THEM IN THE BIN

Grrrrr I’ve had enough…..Iv’e had enough of clever things to do with candles. Throw the bloody things in the bin and get a life. If I see one more blog with some clever artsy crafty woman suggesting ’20 things To Do With Candles’ or ’10 Candle Crafts For Fall..WHO GIVES A SHIT? They are bloody candles, you light them, they make a nice glow and/or they pong and that’s it. Why in hell do you have the compulsion to shove them in mason jars with twigs and other bits of dead organic matter? Would you shove squirrel’s poo in as well if that was considered ‘Dressing a room for Fall’? And why do you need to ‘Dress a room for Fall’ FFS? Who has the time to do this crap? Is it the 21st century version of pressing flowers and then framing them as the Victorians were so fond of doing, or is just 21st century rubbish?

Ok, I was nearly finished ranting until I just saw…ready for it? ’32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons’. I could thing of many more ‘unexpected things to do with balloons and none of them particularly savoury : )


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