A Letter To Terrorists Following The Crash Of The Malaysian Jet In The Ukraine

Do these murderers not understand that the whole human race is many parts of one whole….when they murder and maim, we feel the disgust and remorse, we feel the horror of what they have done? Don’t they understand that by doing something as vile as this, it blackens our souls as well as theirs? Not only are the people on the plane and their families affected, so are the rest of the human race.

Once this is understood, then there will be no more murder, no fear, no horror. I pray for that day. RIP passengers of Flight MH17

I wrote the above on my Facebook page after reading and seeing the images on BBC website.

Dear Terrorist

You are not alone, I say this because you are part of the human race, you are a part of a whole. I do not know what led you to become a murderer of innocents, quite frankly I am not interested. I, like all humans have had some type of tragedy in their lives, but not all of us are so motivated by fear and hate or a need for revenge. When you harm others for their race, their religion, their beliefs, land, politics, the list is endless, you are also harming yourself. You cannot do something to someone else without it affecting you. Maybe not immediately but it will happen. It is not a threat by another Human Being, it is the Law of The Universe. 

What horrors you heap upon others, will be heaped upon you. What vile actions you heap upon others, are, heaped upon others. The very terrible things you do blacken your soul and in turn, our souls are blackened too, temporarily but we feel the anger, the hate, the sickness and fear that motivate you to perform these outrages. We feel remorse, we feel shame, we feel sick to the stomach. I don’t know if you feel these physical and psychological emotions for murdering, I have no frame of reference. All I know is that not only have you ended lives both to the passengers on flight MH17 and their loved ones left behind but you have also managed to make millions of other innocent Humnan Beings literally experience your hate and vileness too.

No man or woman is an island…our ‘apartness’ is an illusion when in fact we are all parts of a whole. You have to wake up now and stop believing you can hurt others without any consequence. It is time for you to understand that you are part of the Human Race and to value life, yours and other Human Beings too.

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